Midwest Weather Is Random Make Sure Your Window Treatments Can Handle It

Stefano Diotaiuti

Here in TN and around the Midwest we go through these things called seasons. That means that unlike other regions, the Midwest gets the worst of both summer and winter, from triple-digit temperatures and humidity to chilling cold. That’s why you need dependable window treatments in your Nashville home that will put in work all throughout the year.

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Here are our picks for window treatments that will keep your home comfortable in the Midwest weather.

Window Treatments To Handle The Midwest Winter

When winter hits TN, you know what to expect: dangerous roads, stuffy noses, and freezing temperatures. And if your house isn’t well insulated, you’ll be feeling those cold temperatures inside as well. Instead of buying that cheap-looking and difficult to install plastic window wrap or sticking draft blockers in each crevice, opt for a window treatment that insulates and actually looks good.

No window treatment is more effective at keeping the cold out than Polywood® plantation shutters. With their patented material and built-in weatherstripping, they can help you reduce drafts and heat loss better than any other window treatment.

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To help reduce airflow and keep the warm air where you want it, put up some heavy fabric drapes. Thick draperies are the coziest looking window treatments, perfect for the colder weather.

Window Treatments To Stay Cool in the Humid Midwest Summer

Few things feel worse than a humid, sticky TN summer day. If you’re like the majority of homeowners in Nashville, you’ll have the A/C, the dehumidifier, as well as the ceiling fans all running during the day. But you can keep your home more comfortable – and reduce your utility bills by lowering your air conditioner’s workload – with better-insulating window treatments.

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Again, shutters are a Nashville home’s best friend, with the ability to block up to 45% of heat transfer through your windows. In addition to that, Polywood shutters are 100% moisture-proof, which is basically a must-have if your area gets humid and you want to avoid musty odors.

Aside from shutters, are some other window treatments that can help you beat the heat:

  • Window film - Blocking 99% of UV light and nearly 80% of all solar energy, window film can pair with any other window treatment to get the most out of your energy efficient windows.

  • Cellular shades - While not as effective as shutters, cellular shades are designed to block heat, making your Nashville home cooler than cheaper blinds or shades would.

  • Barn Door Shutters - Though a less common window treatment, barn door shutters offer effective protection from outside heat, while also giving a unique and rustic aesthetic to your space.

What Window Treatments Best Work With Midwest Home Fashion?

Homes in Nashville and throughout the Midwest can range in style, but a lot of them have some common themes. Many are Craftsman-inspired homes, making Craftsman Shutters a natural fit. And you can’t go wrong with cellular shades, especially if you can accentuate the style of your furniture or get them in a neutral color. Midwest homes are more about substance than style, so stay away from anything too garish, or else you could muddy up your style.

Talk To Your Midwest Shutter Experts for Help

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