Soundproofing Your Nashville Windows

Stefano Diotaiuti

Have you ever been woken up by an early morning garbage truck or a late-night party and wished that sounds from outdoors would stay...outside?

Nashville sunroom polywood shutters

Sound sneaks into your house through cracks, crevices, and through glass and can lead to restless nights. Windows, especially larger, older windows, are one of the main sources source of sound coming into your home, and by doing some basic soundproofing you can significantly reduce unwanted noise.

These are a few things that Nashville homeowners can do to soundproof your windows and lessen noise from coming in from outdoors.

Add weatherstripping or caulk to the window frame

Adding weatherstripping or caulk is an inexpensive “do it yourself” solution to reduce noise. Since sound enters anywhere that air can flow through, blocking any cracks or openings near your windows will reduce noise. One thing you can do is add foam tape to the outside of your window sashes. If you have a side-sliding door or a double-hung window you can use vinyl v-strips on the sides. You can also caulk the crevices around windows and over any openings to stop airflow.

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One downside of this do it yourself solution is that it’s not a long-term solution, and it can affect your windows’ aesthetics.

Add heavier window treatments like plantation shutters

Putting in dense window treatments such as Nashville’s best plantation shutters can help block outside noise.

Plantation shutters are a savvy way to block the noise entering your home while also saving you energy. Polywood plantation shutters have a patented built-in weatherstripping design that blocks out noise as well as heat and cold.

Polywood faux wood shutters are durable, meaning they have more longevity those DIY solutions. They are more affordable than replacing your windows, and once installed become a permanent build in your house, which can increase your home’s resale value.

Get a sound-proofing plug

If you suffer from constant noise like construction noises you can use a sound-proofing plug. This do it yourself option is a large piece of foam that you fit into the crevice around your window. Because the foam blocks light (and can look out of place), people use sound plugs during the night or if they really need them for a short period of time.

Replace or install another window

If you have old windows and you're suffering from air drafts as well as unwanted outside sounds, it’s probably time to think about replacing your windows. If you don’t have the budget to replace all your windows, you can install exterior storm windows or another window pane to problematic windows. The downside is that getting new windows or even adding extra panes can be a pricey option.

Soundproof your Nashville windows today

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